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Textiles and Small Electrical Items

textiles and electricals recycling

Textiles – What you can recycle

  • YES PLEASE: Shoes, clothes, curtains, bed sheets, blankets, towels
  • NO THANKS: Duvets, pillows, rugs and carpets, charity bags or black sacks

Good-quality items can be donated to your local charity shop, Salvation Army textile banks at some supermarkets and neighbourhood parades.

Small Electrical Items

  • YES PLEASE: A few examples – small kitchen appliances, mobile phones, DVD players, chargers, remote controls, hairdryers, games consoles, power tools, smoke detectors. Leave cables and plugs attached
  • NO THANKS: Vacuum cleaners, Light bulbs, TVs and monitors any size), laptops, printers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, cookers, microwave ovens

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use my own carrier bags?

Yes, please re-use carrier bags leftover from shopping so that it contains them in a neat and tidy manner and prevents textiles getting wet. Please do not use black sacks as these look like normal rubbish. We will not collect any clothing put out for collection in charity bags. If your charity bag is not collected you should contact the charity for more information.

Why can’t I recycle larger items?

We can’t collect items larger than 35cm x 40cm as they won’t fit into the storage cages on our collections vehicles. You can take larger items to the Household Waste Recycling site at Metcalf Way or book a bulky waste collection (call 01293 438772, charges apply).

Is there a limit to how many bags I can put out for collection?

There is no limit on the number of bags you can put out for collection. However, space is limited on the collection vehicles so please try to put items out as they become unwanted rather than storing them until you have several items.

Why can’t I put textiles or small electricals in my REDtop bin since it all goes for recycling?

Electrical items are stripped down to the component parts, such as metals and plastics, so can’t be recycled along with the contents of the REDtop bin which are sorted by conveyor belts at the Materials Recycling Facility. Textiles are also likely to get caught on the machinery.

Can textiles and small electricals items still be placed in my rubbish bin for collection?

We would encourage all residents to make full use of the new recycling collection service for these items. We would not however refuse to empty bins that contain them.

Do I need to take plugs and cables off my small electrical items?

No, please leave plugs and cables attached.

Do I need to remove batteries from my small electrical items?

Yes, please remove batteries before placing out for collection. Please also remove gas cylinders from heated hair brushes and styling equipment.

I live in a flat; will I be able to recycle textiles and small electrical items?

At the moment, unfortunately the textiles and small electrical items collection service is only available at individual households and is not available at blocks of flats. We hope to look into whether it’s possible for flats to recycle these items at a later stage. In the mean time you can continue to recycle your unwanted textiles and small electrical items at the following places:

Textiles – charity banks located at neighbourhood parades and supermarkets and at the Household Waste Recycling Site at Metcalf Way

Small electrical items – at the Household Waste Recycling Site at Metcalf Way

What happens to the materials?

Sixty per cent of the textiles collected are reused and 40 percent is recycled for industrial cleaning wipes and insulation material. The small electrical items are stripped down to the component parts, such as metals and plastics.

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