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Fly Tipping & Litter

We want to keep Crawley free of litter and dumped rubbish (flytipping). People who litter the town may be issued £80 on the spot fines by our team of trained Community Wardens who patrol Crawley seven days a week. You can help us make Crawley a cleaner place by reporting litter and flytipping online.

The map and searches on this page show you what incidents we already know about. If you spot flytipping or litter please check the map or use the search below to see if it has already been reported. If it hasn’t, let us know by using our flytipping and litter form. We aim to clear most problems within 2 working days.

The first page of search results shows general information for all incidents that match your search. The second page will provide more detailed results for one incident, including map and photos.

Red points = problem has been reported. Green points = problem has been cleared.
Click on a point for more details.

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