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Refreshed Housing Strategy June2012 (PDF 171K)
Crawley's refreshed housing strategy June 2012

Strategy Policy 11/07/2012

Housing Strategy (PDF 2024K)
Crawley's Housing Strategy 2009

Strategy Policy 08/06/2009

Housing Allocation Scheme (PDF 1539K)
Housing Allocation Scheme Leaflet

Other documents 31/03/2017

Homelessness review 2014 (PDF 300K)
A review of homelessness in the Crawley district

Other documents 07/03/2014

Homelessness Review 2008 (PDF 548K)
The Review aims to be a comprehensive assessment of homelessness and services to prevent and tackle homelessness in the Crawley borough area.

Other documents 26/06/2008

Housing Strategy Action Plan (PDF 58K)
Action plan showing progress on the Housing Strategy for Crawley

Other documents 20/01/2010

2002/3 Performance Plan (PDF 543K)
Best Value Performance Plan 2002/3

Other documents 28/04/2005

2003/4 Performance Indicators (PDF 180K)
Best Value Performance Indicators 2003/4

Other documents 28/04/2005

Tenancy Strategy 2012 (PDF 68K)
Crawley Borough Council Tenancy Strategy 2012.

Report 25/10/2012

Tenancy Strategy (PDF 66K)
Crawley Borough Council Tenancy Strategy

Other documents 19/12/2012

Audit Commission Annual Audit and Inspection Letter 07/08 (PDF 261K)
Audit Commission Annual Audit and Inspection Letter 07/08

Other documents 02/04/2009

Homelessness Strategy 2014-2019 (PDF 143K)
The Homelessness Strategy explains what the council and its partners are going to do to tackle homelessness in Crawley.

Other documents 21/01/2015

North West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment (PDF 5831K)
North West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Report 19/06/2009

Corporate Plan Action Plan (PDF 184K)
The council's action plan for aiming for excellence 2007-2012.

Report 13/12/2007

CPA Report (PDF 314K)
Comprehensive Performance Assessment Report

Report 28/04/2005

HSS Customer Panel Minutes Feb 08 (PDF 30K)
Minutes from Housing Strategic Services' Customer Panels.

Other documents 31/03/2008

Indicators of Social Inclusion in Crawley (PDF 420K)
A presentation to the Crawley Together Summer Conference on Social Inclusion

Report 29/04/2005

Budget Book 2013/14 (PDF 1450K)
Budget Book 2013/14.

Other documents 16/05/2013

Community Strategy (PDF 581K)
The Council's community strategy, a vision for Crawley

Strategy Policy 18/09/2008

Local Plan Monitoring and Implementation February 2015 (PDF 655K)
Crawley 2030 Local Plan Document.

Report 27/02/2015

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