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Ifield Village Conservation Area

Ifield Village Conservation Area was designated in 1981. The Conservation Area has since extended twice, in 1988 and 1991. Ifield Village is designated as a Conservation Area as it still retains its character as a small, scattered rural settlement, focused upon an historic church and public house. In addition to the contribution made to the areas historic character by the many fine buildings, a number of other features contribute to its importance.

Guidance for Existing Buildings

A summary of the Borough Council’s policy on proposals for existing buildings in the Conservation Area is as follows:

  • Many of the non-listed buildings are recognised as being important to the Conservation Area.
  • The demolition of most of the buildings in the Conservation Area would be resisted.
  • Proposals for extensions to non-listed buildings in the Conservation Area will be considered in the context of their overall effect on the Conservation Area.
  • The present use of the buildings should be maintained.

However, in exceptional circumstances suitable alternatives uses could be considered if this helps preserve the building. Examples of beneficial changes of use are the Barn Theatre and Lychgate.

Listed Buildings

The following summarises the Borough Council policies relating to Listed Buildings in the Conservation Area.

Applications for extensions to Listed Buildings will be considered on the merits of the proposal and taking into account the likely effects on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

The retention of all Listed Buildings within the Conservation Area is important to its character and appearance and the loss of any buildings will be resisted.

Present uses for all Listed Buildings are encouraged to be maintained but new uses would be permitted where this would ensure the buildings' retention.

Guidance for New Buildings

It is important that any new buildings are in a style which is in keeping with the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

The following points outline policy of the Borough Council towards new buildings in the Conservation Area and provide guidance on how it is considered that development will be acceptable:

  • Proposals for new buildings will normally be resisted within certain parts of the Conservation Area and particularly within the focus of the village where opportunities are limited.
  • Proposals for new buildings should respect the character of the area by having regard to the building style, typical features and materials used in the Conservation Area. The main features of the buildings include:
  • Many Buildings are constructed of red brick, and sometimes stuccoed.
  • Roofs are tiled with either clay tiles, or occasionally with Welsh slates.
  • Buildings tend to be cluttered together as in Ifield Street or in low density plots as in Rectory Lane and Tweed Lane.


Advertisements should respect the character of the Conservation Area and should be small scale in a traditional style.


The Borough Council must be given 6 weeks notice of the intention to carry out work on any tree (other than a fruit tree) in a Conservation Area without prior notification to the Local Planning Authority.

An owner can be required to replace a tree or group of trees.

Where trees are threatened with works which would be harmful to the character and appearance of the surrounding environment, the Borough Council will consider serving TPO's (Tree Preservation Order) to give them further protection. Look in Related Pages for more on Tree Protection.

Where a tree is covered by a TPO:

A planning application needs to be submitted to carry out any work including felling, shaping and pruning etc.

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