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Planning Appeals

This page provides some basic information about Planning Appeals. For more information about the appeal process, including how to make an appeal, please visit the Planning Portal at Planning Portal - Appeals and other casework

Who can appeal?

Only the person who has made the application can appeal against the Council’s refusal to grant permission or the imposition of certain conditions. There is no “third party” right of appeal.

Why appeal?

The most common circumstances when an applicant may chose to appeal are when the council has refused the application, imposed conditions that the applicant think are unreasonable or when the Council has not decided the application in the time allowed.

In all cases, applicants are advised to only consider making an appeal as a last resort and to discuss their concerns with the Council to see if the issues can be resolved before making a formal appeal.

When to appeal?

The time limits in which to make an appeal will vary depending on the type of application made.  Generally, the appeal period is six months from the date of the decision, however, as of the 6 April 2009, if an applicant wishes to appeal against the council’s decision to refuse a householder application they have 12 weeks from the date of the decision rather than the previous 6 months, in which to appeal to the Secretary of State.   For all other applications including applications for Certificate of Lawfulness and decisions (except for Applications for Advertisement Consent or in respect to Applications for Tree Works), the appeal period remains as six months of the date of the decision notice.  

If the applicant is aggrieved by the decision of the local planning authority to refuse consent for the display of an advertisement or to grant consent subject to conditions, they may, by notice served within the period of 8 weeks from the date of the decision notice and in respect to an application for proposed works to a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order, notice must be serviced within 28 days of the decision notice.

Further information is provided in the following document “Notification of Planning Decisions- Guidance Note” or visit the Planning Inspectorates website.

Who to appeal to?

Appeals must be made using a form which you can obtain from the Planning Inspectorate at Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN or online at the Planning Portal .   An appeal can follow different procedures and as of the 6 April 2009 new criteria for determining which procedure should be used for planning and enforcement appeals will apply.  For further information refer to the Planning Inspectorates website or to the Planning Portal website

If the appeal relates to a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order follow the link for forms and guidance .

Finding out about appeals lodged and decisions

Details of planning appeals can be found by using the link to Council’s Planning Application Search facility found on the right hand side of the page under the Section Menu.

Alternatively you can click to search for appeals via the Planning Portal .

Further Information

Please find further information on planning appeals below:

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