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Commenting on Applications

Applicants do not need to let their neighbours know about their application, unless the planned development encroaches on their neighbour’s land, nor do they have to display a notice on site. However, the Council tries to make sure all those affected by the application get to know about it.

The council’s website, which is the best way to keep up to date about what applications have been made in Crawley, even if you have been notified you can still comment – you don’t need to be invited to comment. You can view planning applications registered with the council in the Planning Application search .

People are given 21 days from the start of the consultation period to make their comments to the council.

Personal Data

Any representations received in response to planning applications must be made available for public inspection in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Access to Information Act 1985. This means that we cannot treat any comments made on a planning application as confidential.

Any comments you make will form part of the background papers to the planning application and will be available for public inspection both on the planning file and on the website. Telephone numbers and email addresses given will not be published online please do not include these details in the main body of your comments.

If you do not provide or do not wish your name and address to appear on this website or within the case file then your comments will be treated as anonymous and your views will not be taken into account by the local planning authority.

We reserve the right to withhold from publication on this website any comments or parts of comments not considered suitable for public view for reasons including offensive or personal content.

How do I comment on an application?

The easiest option is to comment online. Search for an application either by the address or by the reference number which begins with “CR” and click on the ‘comment on this application’ link at the bottom of the application page. If you have the CR reference there is no need to search on any other details.

You can also write to or email the Head of Planning and Regulatory Services. Your comments will normally become matters of public record, open for other members of the public to read and copy, under the terms of the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.

Written comments (letters, email or online) will be taken into account by the Council in making a decision. Verbal comments cannot be taken into account when deciding the application.

If you do comment please make sure you make it very clear what application you are commenting on, preferably quoting the planning application number which begins with “CR”.

What can I comment on?

If you comment on an application it is important that your comments relate to planning matters as it is only these matters that can be taken account of by the Council when making its decision. Planning matters include things like:

Issues not normally regarded as planning matters, so not usually taken account of when reaching a planning decision include:

How do I find out about decisions?

The easiest option is to view the progress and the decision of an application online. Search for an application , either by the address or by the reference number which begins with “CR”. For more information about how you can find out about planning decisions, as well as what happens to a planning application, please click on the ‘How an Application is Decided’ link on the right.

Public Notices

There are several occasions when the council is legally required to put up a notice on site and make sure details are published in the Crawley Observer’s legal notice section. You can also view the Public Notices page .

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