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Conservation at Tilgate Nature Centre

A refuge for the rare

Did you know that some of the world's rarest creatures are alive and well and living in Crawley?

Endangered animals such as white park cattle, red squirrels and pink pigeons are kept at Tilgate Park's extremely popular nature centre, which has developed an increasingly important role in conservation, acting as an ark, offering refuge to endangered species during the rapid changes affecting their habitats.

By maintaining breeding groups of these animals, Tilgate Nature Centre has become nationally important for its contribution to the preservation of rare breeds of domestic livestock and endangered wildlife species.

Pink pigeon at Tilgate Nature Centre Animal collections such as Tilgate educate the public about the threats to the world’s wildlife, and hopefully encourage them to take action to become ‘greener’ in their everyday life.

Rare species

The nature centre is proud to be home to many rare and endangered species and is part of many breeding programmes to ensure the long-term survival of these creatures. Rare species housed at the Nature Centre include:

Critically Endangered

Endangered Species

Vulnerable Species

Bagot goat

British lop pig

Abyssinian blue winged goose

Bald ibis

Edward’s pheasant

Azara’s agouti

Boreray sheep

Pink pigeon

Baikal teal duck

Laysan teal duck

Red breasted goose



Yellow-backed chattering lory

Brown eared pheasant

Talks for schools

The nature centre offers a number of educational visits, activities and talks for school children to learn more about the animals kept at the Nature Centre. To find out more and to book a visit please visit the Education page .

Like to help us?

Why not support the fantastic work happening at Tilgate Nature Centre by adopting an animal? Adopting an animal costs as little as £20. To find out more please visit our Animal Adoption page .

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Tilgate Park
Titmus Drive
West Sussex RH10 5PQ

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(01293) 521168
(01293) 528133 (Cafe)
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Tilgate Park
Titmus Drive
West Sussex RH10 5PQ

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