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Sportivate Crawley Parkour wins Sussex Sports Award.

The Sportivate Crawley Parkour project - run by Crawley Borough Council in partnership with Freedom Leisure - was named the Sportivate Project of the Year at the Sussex Sports Awards on Friday 21 November 2014.

Now in its 12th year, the Sussex Sports Awards took place at The Grand Hotel in Brighton. There was fierce competition for the accolade with two other strong nominations shortlisted.

Sportivate Crawley Parkour launched in October 2013 with the aim to boost participants’ spatial awareness, self confidence and self-esteem, as well as teaching them how to perform specific techniques safely. The sessions were initially backed by Sportivate money but are now self-funded and led by locally trained coaches due to the growing popularity of the classes. Crawley Parkour takes places at Crawley Borough Council’s purpose-built Parkour training area during the summer and moves to the gymnastics hall at Freedom Leisure’s K2 Crawley during the winter. Sessions are currently held every Friday from 20:00-21:00 at K2 Crawley.

The next six week workshop programme starts on Friday 16 January 2015 and costs just £30. For more details please email Liz Hart (phone 01293 438156), or Dave Downey (phone 01293 585367).

New Autumn 2014 and Winter 2015 Indoor Parkour Workshops

Learn the art of safe, fluid and efficient movement at courses running at Hawth Gymnastics Club Gymnasium, K2 Crawley, RH11 9BQ. See flyer for details.

To view a short video on Parkour, click on the link below:

YouTube logo Sportivate Crawley Parkour

Bewbush Park, Breezehurst Drive, Bewbush

The parkour training site, designed by the Urban Playground Parkour Team (UPG), features a series of obstacles and training facilities that provide a unique opportunity for traceurs to practise and improve their skills.

The facility is a place where fundamental techniques can be practised in a ‘live’ environment which encourages spontaneity, innovation and the creation of individual style. It’s intended to improve the confidence and competence of the people who train there.

Parkour, Free-Running, Art Du Deplacement; Call it what you will – the discipline of overcoming obstacles with efficient movement is an art of self-expression and exploration. It is based upon a philosophy of training oneself to become useful – useful to others and able to react to a dynamic and changing environment. It should always be practiced safely and with consideration for other users of the shared environment.


Users of this site do so at their own risk. Parkour is not ever about taking unnecessary risks, neither is it an “adrenaline sport”. Parkour is non-competitive and celebrates each individual’s style and achievement. Parkour’s creators have been training daily for twenty years and are still capable of great physical feats because they have remained cautious and considerate in their practice.

Remember the following principles as you create your own way of moving:

  • Any change of height involves risk
  • The more points of contact you have, the safer you’ll be
  • Speed and height are the last achievements in a long programme of training
  • Please only use this site after a thorough warm up and follow your training session with a thorough cool down
  • Do not attempt anything without forethought and consideration for your safety – we care about you!

The site was funded and built by Crawley Borough Council and designed by the Urban Playground Team with advice from Gravity Style, Co-Creators of parkour, and in response to a brief set by young people in Crawley.

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Crawley Wellbeing
K2 Crawley
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West Sussex
RH11 9BQ

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Crawley Wellbeing
K2 Crawley
Pease Pottage Hill
West Sussex
RH11 9BQ

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