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Gardens and parks

From wildlife areas to traditional parks, there’s something for everyone in Crawley.

Crawley parks aerial view

Our parks

Some of the borough’s best parks include:

Looking after our parks and gardens

To see how the council and its partners plan to help improve Crawley’s green space provision, view our Green Spaces Strategy .


The council’s conservation commitments include:

Your involvement

Residents and visitors have an important role in conserving and protecting our local wildlife.

You can do this by:

Ducks and Bread

Most ducks, geese and swans will eat bread, and in small quantities it is not a problem. However bread does not contain all the vital nutrition that these birds need. Fed in large quantities to young birds, it may cause abnormal growth which means the bird may not be able to fly. Adult birds may become overly dependent on bread and not forage for their natural foods.

Excess bread in the water can also attract rats and other vermin, and will pollute the water causing diseases that can be fatal to the birds.

Instead of the usual bag of bread why not try taking a small quantity of some of these tasty treats instead:


It is our intention to make our parks and open spaces a pleasure for everyone. It is therefore an offence to allow a dog to leave a mess in most areas of Crawley.

If you have your dog with you, carry a poop-scoop and look out for dog bins.

Spot fines

Spot fines of £50 are issued by Community Wardens for dog fouling.

For dog owners who refuse to clear up, there is a possibility of prosecution and fines of up to £1,000.

Parks and gardens near Crawley

To find out more about the many gardens near to Crawley (which are well worth a visit), see ‘External Links’ on this page.

Buchan Country Park

Buchan Country Park is on Crawley’s border. The park offers various facilities including:

Owned and managed by West Sussex County Council, the park provides guided walks, family events, holiday activities, volunteer days and school visits.

To find out more, contact the park on 01293 542088.

Access Guide
DisabledGo has produced access guides for Buchan Park .

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