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Community Centre Subsidies

There are subsidies available on the standard charge for community centre hire. Please read the notes below to see if your activity qualifies for a reduced rate.

Charge Bands

There are three charge bands for community centres. These are allocated based on the activity of the hire and examples are described as follows:

Band A (Standard Rate) -

Corporate use, adult social and celebratory events (including naming ceremonies), adult exercise classes (profitable), sales and retail events.

Band B –

Adult exercise classes (non-profitable), adult education (profitable), children’s classes (profitable).

Band C –

Local community groups and clubs, adult education (non-profitable), children’s classes (non-profitable), traditional children’s parties**, uniformed children’s groups, prayer and worship.

**Our definition of a traditional children’s party - the party takes place during the daytime, lasts for 2 perhaps 3 hours and the guests are children invited to celebrate a child’s birthday.

Playgroup Rate -

Registered Pre-Schools & Playgroups


For more information please contact us on 01293 438362, 438652, 438188 or 438189. Alternatively please email .

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