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Community Centres Questions

How do I book a community centre?

1. Contact Facilities Booking Team on 01293 438189 or 438188 or please email . The Team will be able to provide you with general information on the community centres and check availability for you.

2. Should you wish to have a viewing of a centre prior to confirming your hire the Facilities Team can arrange this for you.

3. Provisional bookings can be made. To confirm your hire, Occasional hirers must pay at least half the hire charge, and the remaining balance must be paid at least one month before the hire date. Regular hirers will be invoiced monthly in arrears and we will assume your pattern of use continues unless you let us know otherwise.

4. Confirmation will be issued by email or post together with a copy of the Information for Hirers document.

5. At the time of your hire, Occasional hirers will be met on site by the duty officer at the start of their hire. Regular hirers will retain a key to gain access, but are asked not to enter the building until the start of their hire, as this could impact on other users.

What times are the centres usually open?



Sunday to Wednesday

09:00 – 22:30

Thursday and Friday

09:00 – 23:00


09:00 – 00:00

What time does entertainment need to finish?

All entertainment must be finished, packed up and cleared from the building by the end of the hire time. The responsible person/hirer must make sure the building is vacated on time, and rooms have been left clean and tidy. Please make sure any caterers and entertainers know when to finish.

Can adult socials take place in all centres?

No, unfortunately adult socials cannot take place at Pound Hill, Milton Mount, or Wakehams Green.

What is the age range for a child’s party?

♦ Children’s parties/celebrations are classified for ages up to 15 years of age and where the majority of persons in attendance are under 15 years of age. This is with the exception of parties/celebrations for 1 to 5 year olds – where it is recognised that there is a need for greater parental control.

♦ Alcohol is not allowed at children’s parties/celebrations/social bookings for under 18 year olds.

♦ Children’s parties should finish at 10pm at Gossops Green, Milton Mount, Pound Hill and Wakehams Green.

♦ Christenings and Naming Ceremonies are classed as Adult Socials.

What equipment is in the centres?

Each centre has slightly different facilities, but all have a main hall and kitchen facility. Some centres also have a smaller hall or meeting rooms. All kitchens are equipped with a fridge, cooker and boiler/tea urn, with some having a microwave. Some also have a stage. All centres have disabled access with separate toilets and disabled car parking bays.

Do you need a licence if selling or supplying alcohol?

If you are holding a private party and are supplying alcohol free of charge to the guests you do not need a licence. However, the sale of alcohol, or supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club, both require a licence (temporary event notice). Please see further guidance under Licences. More information is available on our website or by telephoning 01293 438289.

Are gas burners allowed?

Gas burners, candles/gel burners, tea lights are not permitted. This includes any religious or ‘ceremonial burners’. Use of naked flame is not allowed, although small cake candles are acceptable.

What if you are charging for entry on the door?

If you are selling tickets for your event then you will be required to provide security. Security must be provided by a Securities Industry Association (SIA) certified company. A copy of the certificate and a confirmation of attendance will be required before the booking is confirmed. More information can be found at

I’m using electrical equipment, or hiring a disco

The hirer is responsible for any electrical equipment brought into the premises by themselves or third party operators. Some useful advice and information is available at .

I’m thinking of hiring a bouncy castle

If you are using a bouncy castle/inflatable it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the safe hiring and operation of the equipment. Please check our website for ceiling height of centres and also read the Advisory Information Note at .

What is the cancellation policy?

You will not be charged for any cancellations out of your control.

Bad Weather

We will make every effort to keep facilities open in the event of bad weather. Please check on our website to see whether there are any disruptions.

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