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Housing Register

If you are looking to join the housing register because you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, please see our Homelessness page for information about how we can help.

The housing register enables us to prioritise people for social housing in Crawley. On average around 350 properties become available each year, therefore the council must ensure a balanced approach and give appropriate priority to people with the highest level of housing needs in the town.

Who can join the housing register?

The criteria we use to assess eligibility are explained in our Allocations Policy . Certain factors can rule out or restrict access, including:

To enquire whether you can join the housing register, call (01293) 438000, or visit the Housing Help Point at the Town Hall.

How will you assess my application?

Applications are assessed in accordance with our Allocations Policy . It is a three stage process, during which a home visit may be required to confirm your current housing status.

*Please Note - New applicants will not be accepted onto the register if assessed as either Band C or Band D.

How can I find and bid on a home?

We operate a choice based lettings scheme, so if you are accepted onto the register you will need to bid on the properties you are interested in.

Properties are advertised weekly at and on the property board within the Town Hall. Properties are advertised from Monday to Thursday and bidding closes at 4pm on Thursday.

Bids can be made:

See more information about bidding .

You will only be able to bid on properties that match your housing needs; for example you cannot bid on a two bedroom property if you have been assessed as eligible for a one bedroom property.

How are homes allocated?

Properties are allocated in accordance with our Allocations Policy . Bids are ranked by the highest banding first and then by the earliest priority housing date (this is either the date of application or the revised date if your banding has been changed). This ensures that from the bids received; those in greatest housing need are considered first.

If you do not hear from us once you have placed your bid, this means you were not successful. Unfortunately due to the large number of bids we receive, we are not able to contact unsuccessful bidders.

What happens if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change; for example if you move home or someone needs to be added or removed from your application you can notify us online or call us on (01293) 438608. You can also visit the Housing Help Point Service at the Town Hall.

I am a Council tenant

You can find out more about housing options for council tenants on the Transfers and Mutual Exchanges page .

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