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The Housing Register

How can I join the Combined Register?

The council operates a housing register to enable us to prioritise people for social housing in Crawley. The housing register is a list of people who need social rented housing from either the council or housing association (also known as a ‘registered provider’).

The council has a policy which sets out how applications for housing will be prioritised and the procedure to be followed when selecting applicants to be tenants. People are prioritised for offers of accommodation depending on their current circumstances.

There are currently around 10,500 social rented properties in the town. On average around 350 of those properties become available each year, so with just over 2000 people on the register this means not everyone on the housing register will be considered for council housing as demand far outstrips supply.

The council must ensure a balanced approach and give appropriate priority to people with the highest level of housing needs in the town. We also have other statutory duties when it comes to allocating council housing and must ensure we make best use of the limited supply of we have.

It is fair to say that if you join the housing register and you have been assessed as either band C or D your chances of being offered social housing from the council are extremely low.

Joining the housing register

You should come into the council’s housing help point service at the Town Hall. A member of the team will talk to you about your housing options and whether or not the council is likely to be able to assist you with your needs by joining the housing register.

If the best option for you is to join the housing register, you will be told what your next steps are. If the council is unlikely to be able to meet your housing needs by joining the register (for example if you have a low priority) we will give you details about the other housing options that may be available to you.

If you are unable to come into the Town Hall you can call us on 01293 438608 and talk to a member of the team.

How do you assess my application?

Once we have checked with you that your application is complete the Housing Needs Team will assess your application in three stages.

Stage 1 - Whether you are eligible to join the housing register

Stage 2 - Income Assessment

Stage 3 - Decide the priority of the application and give it a specific priority banding (A+, A, B, C or D)

Click on the link for more information on bandings

Finding a Home

Once you have been accepted onto the housing register you can begin to search for rented or shared ownership accommodation on or at the Town Hall.

When you see a property that you like you can make a bid on that property. Everything you need to know about bidding is on the Crawley Home Choice website.

Change of Circumstances

We need to know if any of your circumstances change, for example if you move home, or someone needs to be added or removed from your application. If your circumstances change, you can update this online via your housing register account, or by calling us on 01293 438608. You can also visit the Housing Help Point Service at the Town Hall and talk to a member of the team.

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